Who logosda2.pngare we?

  • We are a group of enthusiastic people living in Sheffield who love dancing, music and sharing Latin American folk culture.
  • We are a mixture of students and non-students, Latin Americans and non-Latin Americans, women and men of all ages.
  • We are an open group and we welcome interested people of all ages, nationalities and abilities.
  • We are friendly, enthusiastic and a bit chaotic! Come and join in!

What do we do?

  • We meet on Thursdays  at a practise room in Sheffield University buildings (currently in Arts Tower).
  • We learn and rehearse folk dances from all over Latin America.
  • We perform at local festivals, events and specially organised Latin American activities. In the last few years we have been to a wide range of events including: Holmfirth Festival of Folk; Bakewell folk festival, America Libre, Sheffield (Latin American Independence Celebrations); Carnaval del Pueblo, London (the largest Latin American carnival in Europe); Casa ALBA Olympic celebrations, London; weddings; farmer’s markets; ASSIST fundraiser; Chance To Dance in Sheffield; ICE performance at Sheffield University; Day of the Dead celebrations; local restaurants and lots, lots more!
  • We run workshops for local schools and community groups.
  • We maintain a set of costumes, make accessories and run handicraft workshops to make some of the costumes and materials we need in our performances.
  • We also support and collaborate with some other local groups in Sheffield and make links with groups in the countries from which our dances come. For more information see our ‘Meet our Friends’ section.

How can you take part?

  • We are ALWAYS keen to meet new members!.. and you don’t have to be a dancer.
  • We have opportunities for DANCERS to practise and perform; for MUSICIANS to accompany us and collaborate with some of our friends; for MAKERS and ARTISTS to help us with costumes, accessories, publicity and props; for FILM MAKERS to help us prepare materials and support our sister groups; for PHOTOGRAPHERS to help us to document the group and make promotional materials and for FUNDRAISERS and ORGANISERS to help us with the logistics of running the rehearsals, caring for the costumes, organising transport to events and where appropriate helping us fundraise for our group and others.

So, what are you waiting for?

To join our mailing list and find out about rehearsals email: sondeamerica.sheffield@gmail.com, or find  us on our Facebook page. You can also follow us  on instagram on Twitter


One thought on “About

  1. Hello,

    I work at Firth Park Academy, a very diverse school in Sheffield. I am currently leading om cultural awareness in the school as well as working as a Spanish teacher.

    We are organising a cultural awareness event on the afternoon of the 8th July and are looking for local acts to perform.Please get in touch if you would be interested in attending.

    Many thanks,
    Emma Hammond

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