Meet Our Friends

Se Habla Español en Sheffield

Proveer un espacio donde los niños de familias hispanoparlantes puedan hablar Español con otros niños y hacer amigos. Exponer a los niños a cuentos, canciones, manualidades y tradiciones de los países de sus padres.

Mission: Prover un espacio donde niños, jóvenes y padres hispanoparlantes recién llegados a este país pueden hacer amigos que hablen su idioma.

Street Food Chef

A family run Mexican street food outlet passionate about providing a healthy and delicious fast food alternative to the people of Sheffield. Street Food ChStreet Food Chefef is also the proud sponsor of Son de America (thank youuuu!), supporting us financially to buy and store our dance costumes and to cover other running costs 🙂

Compañia del Son

‘Compañia del Son’ is our sister group in Esteli, Sheffield’s twin town in northern Nicaragua. It was formed by a group of young people who are from the marginal barrios of the city and they perform traditional Nicaraguan dances in local events supported by their colleagues in the social music project ‘Los Angelitos’.
Son de America is excited to form our link with them and we are raising funds to support them to buy their own costumes (at the moment they have to get them on loan from other groups) and to make a film with steps and choreographies for them to use to expand their repertoire. For more information about the link you can contact us on: or 07909 912753

Son Para Todos

The finest Latin Group in South Yorkshire! Son Para Todos play in Cubana, Trippet Lane and Revolucion de Cuba, Mappin Street as well as numerous other venues across the region. We have performed alongside them at many events and they always get the crowds on their feet and dancing!  You can find them on their facebook page or check them out live in one of their Sheffield spots.

Sheffield Esteli Society

Sheffield Esteli Society logoSheffield Esteli Society (SES) provides education about the town twinning between Sheffield and the northern Nicaraguan town of Esteli as well as fundraising to support social and environmental projects. We are always happy to work with them and with the smaller links that have been forged between the two towns, from organisations, schools and community groups and even links
between residents on specific streets! Find out more about SES by contacting them on facebook, Sheffieldestelisociety Ses or their webpage

Alegria Arts

A Sheffield based dance, music and languages community education project run by one of Son de America’s founding members, Coralie Hopwood. For more information, have a look at their facebook page:  Alegría Arts



EXPRESarte is a dance and fitness studio in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico set up by one of Son de America’s most active members, Janette Garcia. Dance enthousiasts of all ages can learn Jazz, Hip-Hop, Aerial dance, Yoga, Body Fit and Zumba. Find out more on their facebook page


Mestisa performs traditional and popular music from Latin America: romantic Boleros, Argentinian zambas, Chilean tonadas and lively Bolivian huaynos. They have performed alongside Son de America in various events, such as the Day of the Dead celebrations in Sheffield.  For more information visit their Facebook page

Chile SCDA

We are always happy to get an invitation to dance from the Chilean Community South Yorkshire via Chile SCDA, based in Sheffield. We have collaborated on many events and hope to do so many more times in the future. To find out more about Chile SCDA go to their website:


Fiestóforo is a cartoonist who has mainly developed in the area of political cartoon. He has also got an extended collection in  Mapudungun (Mapuche people’s language).  He provides graphic designs and illustrations to our events. To find more about Fiestóforo check his website:,

Los Paisas, The Aztec Walkers, and Cumbia Nena

We love these two groups! Mixed groups of all nationalities living in Sheffield and playing music ranging from rock through to Andean folk. They also regularly loan us musicians to accompany our dances when we need to perform with live music. To join our mailing list and find out about rehearsals email:


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